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Part 2: Adaptive Leadership for an Inclusive Organization


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Full course description

In the second part of thiscourse series, join Dr. Theresa Floyd for methods of effective change to cultivate an Inclusive Organization. In this five hour, self-paced, course you will utilize your organizations DEI metrics to formulate measurable DEI goals; develop strategies for achieving these goals and assessing success. Ultimately this training will give you actionable steps to apply principles of adaptive leadership and change management through the implementation of DEI strategies. 

Interested in hiring us for a workshop to follow the online training? Reach out to Rebekah Skoog, Director of Learning development at We look forward to meeting your training needs! 



Skills associated with this Badged Credential: 

  • Diversity equity and inclusion intiatives
  • adaptaive leadership
  • organizational change management
  • change management planning
  • data-driven decision-making