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Conflict Resolution in the Workplace Primer


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We all experience conflict in the workplace, and this inevitable conflict comes with measurable costs to our organizations and our individual wellbeing. So, what might happen if we shift our focus from avoiding workplace conflict to understanding it? And what if we use that understanding to actually resolve workplace conflict, or even prevent the conflict altogether?

This training will equip you with practical, applicable tools to:


  • Recognize workplace conflict

  • Distinguish between productive and unproductive conflict

  • Assess specific instances of workplace conflict to identify their source

  • Develop and apply an effective framework for conflict resolution and prevention


Experts in communication and conflict resolution, Kendall Clifton-Short and Allison Sullivan will guide you in cultivating more effective communication and conflict resolution skills in your workplace. Whether you are new to the job, a manager, or a leader in your organization, this course will prepare you to confidently address conflict for a healthier, more positive work environment.


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Workplace conflict resolution


Workplace communication

Active listening

Nonverbal communication

Giving and receiving feedback

Establishing psychological safety

Diagnosing conflict