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Coding/Logic: The Logical Start

Time limit: 30 days

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Full course description

This 5 hour course is the first in a three part series. We will develop a closer relationship with our computers by investigating how they work and how to communicate, collaborate, and create with them. Rather than learning a specific programming language, we will focus on the logic underlying all coding

Since modern computers are built using transistors and logic gates they are quite literally physical manifestations of logic, so programmers must learn to think logically.  We’ll practice applying this fundamental logic to build all kinds of interactive things — from video games to websites — using a variety of both visual-based and written languages.

Learning Objectives - Section 1 of 3

  • Utilize coding and logical reasoning to creatively problem-solve.
  • Understand basic programming concepts, terms, and styles.
  • Apply the principles of symbolic logic, inductive reasoning, and deductive reasoning to coding.
  • Form truth tables using logical operators
  • Construct flowcharts and write pseudocode to describe algorithms and conditionals

To learn more about the training as a whole check out his video: