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UM ECG Technician Rapid Training Course is a Course

UM ECG Technician Rapid Training Course


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Full course description

This training prepares you for employment as an ECG Technician. The goal of this program is to provide an orientation to fundamental tasks performed by an ECG technician. After completing this program you will have a certificate confirming that you have both the skills and knowledge to begin a career as an ECG tech. There is an introductory module and seven content modules in this course. Each of the seven content modules will take between 40-180 minutes to complete, depending on your prior experience with this content. Once you complete the online portion of the course, you will sign up for an in-person instructional session and hands on learning/testing.

Course is designed, built and instructed by John Quindry. John Quindry is a professor in Integrative Physiology and Athletic Training, at the University of Montana. His training includes a BS/MS in Exercise Physiology and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences. He has research and clinical experience that lend to the teaching of future ECG technicians, including work in cardiac rehabilitation facilities at multiple hospitals.