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Production Assistant_2024

Ended Jan 19, 2024

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Media Training Center, with support from AccelerateMT, is excited to announce a Rapid Training Course to become a production assistant. This course will enable Montanans to quickly gain the introductory skills needed to join the state’s fast-growing Film and Media industry.  

The course offered:  

A focused Introduction to Production course with an emphasis on training to become a Production Assistant. This PA course will focus on film lingo, equipment names, paperwork, and walkie-talkie protocol. Participants will also get a chance to unload a film truck and work with equipment. 


The content expert for this course, Lynn-Wood Fields, is an Award-winning filmmaker, producer and educator. Her work has since gone on to screen at over 50 film festivals and venues globally. She also interviewed industry professionals from Netflix, Amazon, NBC and other productions to get their “pro-tips” on what they would like PA’s to know before working on sets.  Lynn-Wood also created a database that connects productions to crew. Previous PA graduates from her courses have gone on to work for Yellowstone TV series, 1923, NBC, JK Simmons productions, Into the Wild and many more. 

Upon Class Completion:  

Participants will receive a Course Completion Certificate that attests to the content that was provided in training. Additionally, they will receive a link to valuable resources including the class syllabus, example production company protocols, and much more. 

They will be given the opportunity to be listed in Media Training Center database of those who have completed this training and which is a valuable and well-used resource to productions filming in Montana currently and in future.  Anyone from this PA course will get a virtual badge and moved to the top of the vetted list for productions to hire from on their projects.